Providing Ideas, Understanding and Direction

Leede Research has more than 30 years experience in the category. Our Minneapolis facility at the West End will deliver a great client experience. The Leede Group offers a comprehensive range of qualitative research services, including:

  •    Online Focus Groups & Bulletin Board Studies
  •    Mobile Panel - In-Store and In-Home Qualitative
  •    Ethnography
  •    Focus Groups
  •    Triads & Quads
  •    Mini-Groups
  •    One-on-One Interviews
  •    Ideation Sessions
  •    Ethnographic Interviews
  •    Concept Testing and Development
  •    Product Placement

Leede can place studies in either of their locations or can place your projects anywhere across the country!  Find An Expert Seim

Vice President of The Leede Group, Deborah has over a decade of experience in market research, qualitative research and usability testing and is a member of the Minnesota Usability Association. | E-mail Deborah