Innovation - Network - Experience  

We continue work to stay in the forefront of information tools and techniques.  We partner with the top agencies, marketing and panel firms to bring innovative tools to our clients. We work to create networks of the best resources to get projects done quickly and cost effectively.

Our newest division, Leede Solutions, represents the next generation of marketing and marketing research tools.  Leede Solutions offers clients a flexible, scalable Engagement Platform structure that can fit any industry.  This includes an innovative engagement app that allows for research in real-time with geo-fencing tools for in-store and in-home mobile work.  We are even working with a partner in Social Gaming Apps to create new and stronger engagement through gamification.

Our office at the West End, Minneapolis has been a great success!  This facility was specifically designed for our usability and qualitative clients.  We have worked to create a stunning environment to better serve our clients and help our participants provide superior information. 

With a staff of over 70 employees with locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin, no research firm is more diligent in unraveling a marketing mystery and capitalizing on opportunity.  We are more than consultants, we are partners with our clients in their individual and business success.  We leave no stone unturned.  We use updated story-telling reporting to make your results actionable and easy to use.  

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