Leede has identified a unique and new technology that allows for efficient tracking of consumers in specific geographies.  The beauty of this new tool is that it requires no app, no permission and captures no personal information.  It works off the way smart phones search for WiFi sources and captures the phones unique MAC Address.  It works with both iPhone and Andriod phones.  The technology is simple and plugs into existing WiFi sources and captures information through a series of Bluetooth beacons that geo-fence in 10 ft increments.  This allows the user to track consumer cell phone moving through the beacon field and capture a variety of information on their movement.

It is already being use by major tourism destinations to track visitor traffic and movement through events and popular destinations.  It is also being used by major trade shows to track attendance and movement through booths and exhibits.  It has applications in retail, tourism, banking and even healthcare.

A companion technology can be used to tap access to public WiFi sources and turn them into information gathering and exchange tools by requiring email addresses for access.  This when combined with the beacons create real-time and geo-fenced access to consumers in a variety of settings.

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