Unlocking Complex Customer Insight

Customer Value Analysis (CVA) takes traditional customer satisfaction to the next level by providing customer feedback for not only your company but for your top competitors as well. Knowing what competitive customers think about their products and/or services and then systematically comparing the results to your top competitors is the goal of CVA. This product also takes into consideration the role that price plays against all other attributes.  Leede has conducted CVA studies across a wide range of products and services, from health insurance to corrugated packaging as well as from farm tractors to consumer products such as air fresheners and carpet foams.  These studies can provide highly actionable insight that is clear and easy to use.

The CVA has a number of key deliverables that provide clear information to your marketing and management team.  The Quality Profile helps assess the weighted value of key quality attributes in the decision making process.  This includes competitive comparisons that can be adjusted for market share and other factors.  The Value Map provides a clear summary of you and key competitors and establishes a Fair Value line determined by the relationship between price and quality. Leede would be happy to explore this approach and see if it can benefit your company.

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The following professionals at Leede Research Group will be able to help you with all your needs:

Bob ChristiansonBob Christiaansen

Vice President of Leede Research, Bob delivers expertise in many industries including insurance, financial services, agriculture, construction, non-profit organizations, medical equipment and more. | E-mail Bob

Dean HalversonDean Halverson

The Founder and President of Leede Research, Dean has over 35 years of business and consumer research experience and specializes in healthcare, insurance, consumer goods, advertising evaluation and more. | E-mail Dean

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