Displays Can Give You an Advantage

How is your product performing at the point of purchase?  Many consumer purchase decisions are made at the store display and may take only seconds to complete.  Does your product draw the attention of consumers?  Does packaging provide customers with meaningful information that influences their selection?  How does your product perform against key competitors in the real world setting?  These are all questions that can be answered by the DisplayTrax system.  We can set up store-like displays and test consumer selection and response to your product and that of key competitors.  Make sure you are getting your share of business at the store shelf.  This system can be used for mixed displays, special programs or end cap displays.

Leede Has Experience to Help You Design Better Displays

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The following professionals at Leede Research Group will be able to help you with all your needs:

http://www.leede.com/sites/leede.com/assets/images/default/IMG_2249.jpgDeborah Seim

Vice President of The Leede Group, Deborah has over a decade of experience in market research, qualitative research and usability testing and is a member of the Minnesota Usability Association. | E-mail Deborah

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