We Wrote the Book on Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry in turmoil.  ACA, High Deductibles, Premium Shifting and Narrow Networks have left the consumer confused and angry.  The industry has lost consumer trust.  Leede Research understands the changing environment; in fact, we wrote the book on it!  Healthcare Tsunami published in 2008 has accurately predicted much of what is going on in today’s healthcare climate.  Change is not over yet and you need sound information to drive the future of your organization.

Leede Research has unmatched depth of experience for today’s healthcare decisions.  Leede works with; providers, insurers, medical manufacturers and industry service providers.  We understand healthcare consumerism and its impact on the industry.  We have also helped providers expand key service lines and prepare for the future. 

Our specialties include patient and customer experience, new product and service development, branding, consumerism information and tracking, website usability testing and a host of customized studies.  We work with consumers, employers, service providers and channel partners gathering accurate, cost-effective information.

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The following professionals at Leede Research Group will be able to help you with all your needs:

Dean HalversonDean Halverson

The Founder and President of Leede Research, Dean has over 35 years of business and consumer research experience and specializes in health care, insurance, consumer goods, advertising evaluation and more. | E-mail Dean

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