Creating Conversations That Matter!


The world has changed dramatically in recent years.  The customer has changed,  so has the market.  The way we communicate has changed.  Have you changed? Leede Research understands that marketing and research must change as well.  Our goal is to help clients build relationships by creating conversations with key stakeholders.  Conversations to advance your business and its goals. We do this with innovative tools for your high-level projects: 

  • Product & Service Development
  • Customer Experience, Loyalty & Intelligence
  • Usability and User Experience
  • Stakeholder Engagement Platforms & Tools
  • Consumer Engagement Apps & Social Gaming

For over 35 years we have worked with industry leaders to solve their marketing and management problems.  We have worked with the best resources in the industry to bring clients the best tools to accomplish their goals.  In the process we have built strong relationships with both the companies and the people we work with.

       Leede Solutions Offers Engagement Platforms and Tools that are Powerful, Flexible, Scalable and Affordable

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