Leede Research has worked agressively to build a portfolio of panel assets that can help clients meet both their information needs and budgets.  We have access to the top consumer panels across the nation, accessing more than 17 million households.  This allows for completion of projects with extremely low incidences that had once been impractical.  Leede has completed work with target incidences under 2%!  We now have access to mobile panels with geo-fencing tools that allow for real-time, in-store and in-home interviewing never possible before!

On the B2B and professional side, Leede works with the nation's leading resources.  We have also learned to use consumer panels to effectively access small business owners and specific titles and positions.  This can increase cost effectiveness and speed of turnaround.  We have specialty resources in healthcare, financial and a variety of key industry segments.  Leede partners with leading international panel development firms that provide access to consumer and business panels in 38 countries around the world.  Contact your Leede representative to learn more about these resources.