Marketing automation and marketing personalization are some of the hottest terms in the industry.  Marketing automation increases the efficiency of the marketing process.  It reduces staff time and involvement, reduces waste and controls brand identity while offering customization for marketing partners.  The platform offers the flexibility to deliver virtually any form of content digitally.  It can also create a means for marketing partners to securely upload and use customers lists without risk of cannibalization.

Marketing personalization offers a means to create a tighter connection with customers and prospects.  You can personalize content and even offer custom newsletters by using tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and relevancy engines to continue to hone and focus information based on the needs and interests of the target.  Information from other sources and interaction help feed these tools and create continual improvement in the marketing process.  The system insures that you put the right content at the right time in front of your key customers and prospects while saving money in the process.