The Pace of Change is Faster Than Ever

New products and services may be more important today than at any time in recent history.  The consumer is changing faster than many companies realize.  They are moving away from being part of the masses to being true individuals that want the product or service that is right for them.  They are becoming less trusting and more savvy in consumer decision making.

Leede offers a proven methodology for helping product and service development professionals evaluate key concepts and focus the ultimate development process on the best options to meet both your business goals and  market needs.  Clients can choose from both qualitative and quantitative processes that can generate sound information to help you evaluate product concepts against each other or against existing offerings from you or key competitors.  These are offered in stand-alone or system environments.  In system settings the tools are built to leverage information over time and evaluate product historically against key metrics both internally and externally.

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The following professionals at Leede Research Group will be able to help you with all your needs:

Dean HalversonDean Halverson

The Founder and President of Leede Research, Dean has over 35 years of business and consumer research experience and specializes in healthcare, insurance, consumer goods, advertising evaluation and more. | E-mail Dean


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