Gamification is a hot term in both marketing and education.  Gaming engages users and creates a more captivating experience for users.  Intelligent marketers are learning that it is also a way for them to achieve their goals while creating a stronger relationship with stakeholders.  Leede Research is proud to be partnering with Acme Nerd Games, the company that puts the SOCIAL in social gaming.  There company was formed to help society address some of the most important issues we are dealing with.  These include obesity, prevention and wellness, literacy, financial responsibility and more!

Social Gaming is part of Leede’s connection concept and creates another means of contact with key audiences.  The gaming experience can be used in a variety of environment to educate, create marketing opportunities, gather information and more.  These games can be customized to help partners address key goals and needs and can even be structured in community environments to connect to visitors and residents.  They can include the real-time and geo-fenced components that offer unique marketing and information gathering technologies.

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