Customer Value Analysis (CVA)

  • Traditional customer satisfaction to the next level by providing customer feedback for not only your company but for your top competitors too
  • Goal of CVA is knowing what competitive customers think about their products and/or services and then systematically comparing the results to your top competitors
  • Takes into consideration the role that price plays against all other attributes
  • Quality Profile helps assess the weighted value of key quality attributes in the decision making process
  • Leede has conducted CVA studies across a wide range of products and services, from health insurance to corrugated packaging as well as from farm tractors to consumer products such as air fresheners and carpet foams
  • These studies can provide highly actionable insight that is clear and easy to use.

Conjoint Analysis

  • Primary use is to understand the importance of various features of a product or service
  • Helps companies find the optimal configuration of those features
  • ability to simulate various market scenarios and estimate how potential product configurations will fare against current/anticipated competitor offerings
  • The key is finding the right product configurations to gain share against key competitors
  • Leede has the latest conjoint tools including Adaptive, Adaptive Choice Based and MaxDiff

MaxDiff Analysis

  • Functions like conjoint in the sense that it involves respondents reacting to a series of choices in a survey process
  • It can test lists of as many as 40 items to create a prioritization structure that is valuable to create better products and stronger communications
  • Mixed and managed through an algorithm that tests all options equally

Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint

  • Traditional conjoint has the limitation of working with paired comparisons
  • May be three, four or five products in our final consideration and we will eventually select one of them for our final decision
  • Discrete Choice is a variation of conjoint that allows for the testing of multiple products together in a single test
  • Discrete Choice has become the "go to" tool for many product developers

Advertising Development and Measurement (ADAM)

  • Trademarked program of Leede Research
  • Goal is to give our clients a better picture of the "mind-share" their marketing is generating and how competitive activities may be impacting position
  • Consistently been able to document the link between information recall and improved awareness and positioning
  • ADAM can be used to track advertising and a variety of marketing programs including PR, social media, crisis management and more

ConsumerTrax - Development Suite

  • Product & ServiceTrax
  • Product Usability Testing
  • In-Home Usage Testing
  • BrandTrax
  • PackagingTrax
  • DisplayTrax
  • Voice of the Employee

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New Product Development

  • ConsumerTrax - full suite of development tools to address the need for fast, cost-effective information
  • Our work ranges from ideation, to qualitative testing, to quantitative work in a variety of settings
  • Work includes a variety of targets from end users to channel partners
  • Our work includes not only product but also areas related to branding, packaging, displays, marketing materials and test market tracking

Online Capabilities

  • Leede programs and hosts our own surveys to provide speed to field and control quality
  • Tools for online interviewing including a full suite of online conjoint tools that can meet deep client needs
  • We offer an extensive network of online panel partners to get your survey to your targeted respondents

Customer Experience & Loyalty

  • 30+ years of conducting loyalty work
  • Tools range from simple tracking programs to advanced measurement systems like Customer Value Analysis
  • Data is presented in an easy-to-use format that generates action

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Cross-industry tool that is used to measure customer experience and the level of loyalty a customer may have for a product, service, brand or company
  • Understanding how to drive promoter behavior can help to advance business but requires a strong design and analytic process to provide key information
  • Leede can help with a design to leverage NPS and improve your competitive position.

Panel Access

  • We have access to the top consumer panels across the nation, accessing more than 17 million households
  • Leede has completed work with target incidences under 2%
  • Access to mobile panels with Geo-fencing tools
  • Access to consumer and business panels in 38 countries around the world


Leede Solutions represents a significant expansion of our services and capabilities and is designed to meet the changing needs of customers and the marketplace. It will go beyond the firm’s marketing information services to offer Engagement Platforms and tools.

The Full Platform

  • Education
    • Can be used to drive an ongoing interaction with any stakeholder group
    • Train employees, channel partners, even consumers in your products, services and benefits
    • Create a cost effective structure for consistent education that can be built upon over time
  • Rewards
    • Can tie into any other component of the platform
    • Can tie into any other component of the platform
    • All of the rules and legal components are built into a system based on over 20 years of experience
  • Marketing
    • Automate your marketing with a powerful platform that can be used in sales, marketing and distribution
    • Key offerings across media and can reduce staff time and overall marketing costs
    • System design allows for simple accounting and budgeting parameters
  • Information
    • Change your overall marketing research process increasing innovation, participation and efficiency
    • Net Promoter Score, Customer Experience, Product Development and more can be completed efficiently reducing the need for outside resources
    • The system can access any and all of the tools from Leede
  • Connection
    • Connect with the consumer through new and innovative technology
    • Leede offers a variety of solutions including consumer tracking through cell beacons and innovative social gaming options
    • Create an efficient consumer touch point in custom environments

Consumer Beacons

  • Allows for efficient tracking of consumers in specific geographies
  • No app, no permission and captures no personal information
  • Plugs into existing WiFi sources and captures information through a series of Bluetooth beacons that geo-fence
  • Applications in retail, tourism, banking and even healthcare
  • A companion technology can be used to tap access to public WiFi sources and turn them into information gathering and exchange tools by requiring email addresses for access

Public Wi-Fi Capture

  • Allows you to require an email contact as part of access to the wireless source
  • Capture an email database for use in future marketing, marketing research and education activities
  • Better understand the level and use of your guest services and set the stage for better interaction with customers in the future
  • Can be linked to Leede's Beacon Technology to give you real-time and geo-fenced access to users

Social Gaming Solutions

  • Gaming engages users and creates a more captivating experience
  • Leede Research is proud to be partners with Acme Nerd Games, the company that puts the SOCIAL in social gaming
  • The gaming experience can be used in a variety of environment to educate, create marketing opportunities, gather information and more
  • Can include the real-time and geo-fenced components that offer unique marketing and information gathering technologies