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We often hear of the importance of Voice of the Customer in product development but in many settings Voice of the Employee is also a valuable tool.  Your staff interacts with the customer, channel partners and other internal staff.  They offer a unique perspective in product development that can be tapped to help bring better products to market that fit your business goals and model and meet key needs in the organization.  Leede Research has a variety of tools that can be used to capture VoE.  These can be one-time tools or part of an ongoing feedback program.  Leede even has access to sophisticated idea generation and evaluation systems that can be used by companies to drive innovation and shorten the development cycle.

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Dean HalversonDean Halverson

The Founder and President of Leede Research, Dean has over 35 years of business and consumer research experience and specializes in healthcare, insurance, consumer goods, advertising evaluation and more. | E-mail Dean

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